Metabolism: The City of the Future – Forerunners of Contemporary Japanese Architecture


Organized by the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and JUT Foundation, this exhibition is the first-ever traveling exhibition of Mori Art Museum held in Taiwan. It proves that the efforts of JUT Foundation in the past years, especially as a private institution, gradually earn the international recognition. This exhibition took place in Tokyo in 2011 and appealed more than 500 thousands visitors. By introducing this important Japanese architecture movement in Taipei, the foundation hopes to encourage people to imagine the future city and to reevaluate the relationship among city, architecture, and daily life.

Metabolism was an architectural movement led by Japanese architects and designers in the 1960's.  The movement takes its name from the biological term for the process of regeneration and believes that the buildings and cities should be designed so as to change organically in the same way as the organisms. This exhibition features over 300 items including architectural models, reference materials, photos and videos. From the origin of Metabolism to how it plays an important role in Expo 1970 in Oosaka and the influence afterwards, this exhibition offers the audiences a great journey back to the age of Metabolism.  

In conjunction with the exhibition, two emerging Japanese architects, Hirata Akihisa and Yoshimura Yasutaka, are invited to create two installations in the outdoor plaza of the venue, adding further depths to this exhibition. Besides, a series of lectures and talks is also planned with the exhibition. Lecturers include Maki Fumihiko, Dan Norihiko, Rem Koolhaas, Yoshimura Yasutaka and Hirata Akihisa, providing the audience to acknowledge this symbolic movement from international masters' perspectives.

About Mori Art Museum

The Mori Art Museum is a contemporary art museum founded by the real estate developer, Minoru Mori, and sets in the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo, Japan. It is a pioneering art museum and so-called as Roppongi Art Triangle with The National Art Center Tokyo and Suntory Museum of Art.  

Date : 2013.07.13 -  11.03
Place : URS21 Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taipei City


Metabolism: The City of the Future
Metabolism: The City of the Future - Lecture