Light Festival

While people choose trendy shopping malls and department stores to spend most of their time, the vitality of street stores is gradually disappeared. To regenerate the losing energy, Light Festival was launched in 2008 and held in the following two consecutive years. Collaborating various stores, shops, cafes and restaurants along with the 300-meter-long lively street in the center city, the west side of Fuxing S. Road, the festival invites people to enjoy music, art installations, performances and games at night. Through bringing the cultural and creative events to the street stores, we hope to make a subtle difference in people's experience while walking on the street– not simply passing by, but to feel and discover those hidden delights in the details.   

Date : Friday that is one week before Christmas in 2008, 2009, 2010
Place : West side of Fuxing S. Road,  between Civic Boulevard and Bade Road