ADA Awards for Emerging Architects


ADA Awards for Emerging Architects was launched in 2012 by a new generation of developers in Taiwan, Advanced Developers Association, with the intent of bring the emerging architectural talents to the attention of domestic enterprises. Entrusted by Advanced Developers Association, JUT Foundation has been executed this project since the first year with our professions on architecture and planning. In every two years, ADA Awards is calling for worldwide architects who are under 45 year-old and have projects in Taiwan, either architectural projects or installations are welcomed. Architect license is not necessary. Judges invited from overseas and Taiwan would take two rounds of selection; downsizing to 10 projects as the finalists in the first round by documentary review and confirming one Grand Prize and one Special Prize in the second round by on-site review.

Exhibition, a series of forums and book are well arranged once the finalists announced, in order to increase the exposure of those chosen talents and to promote the stunning projects in Taiwan. Through this awards, it is hoped that young architects make more efforts on the issues of the environment and the characteristics of Taiwan and create outstanding projects and vision for the world. They are also encouraged to try new construction technology, build up their own architectural philosophy and, more importantly, find new architectural genes for Taiwan.

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建築,從新銳啟程-ADA新銳建築獎特輯 Vol.01為〈ADA新銳建築獎〉活動之紀錄,裡面完整收錄獲決選之10件作品的詳細內容、入圍者訪談、評選感言,以及本活動之源起及宗旨。