The JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture was founded in 2007 in the support of its parent company, JUT Land Development Group. Outreaching from small minority areas to larger communal ones, it aims to use experimental and diverse architectural, artistic and cultural perspectives to discover the possibilities for a better living spaces. By its professions and resources from the field of architecture, and collaborations with various architects, artists, designers, cultural workers and scholars, the foundation is devoted to raising the awareness about the development of city environments and the importance of architecture and art industry. Through various exhibitions, events, workshops, lectures and publications, it keeps provoking ideas on living aesthetics and nourishing local art and culture.

Since the establishment, JUT Foundation has organized projects such as Museum of Tomorrow, Project Urbancore, JUT Architecture Academy and Jut Art Museum, to create various platforms for architects, designers and artists to showcase their creative works and, at the same time, to serve the social functions of arts and culture for public to learn. On the basis of architectural and artistic projects, the foundation hopes to build up a more vivid relationship between city dwellers and the city and to invite more people to imagine a better tomorrow for our society.