Project Urbancore

When old meets new, what would it come out with? In the cities, there are many idle spaces or buildings located in old districts. Some of them are considered as dangerous corners in the neighborhood, which scares away young generation and, at the same time, makes the old district lose its vitality. On the other hand, emerging artists and designers are desperate for spaces with affordable rent to establish their business or exhibit their works. JFAA, therefore, initiates the Project UrbanCore to leverage the needs of both sides by utilizing idle spaces in cities and transforming these forgotten corners into cultural and artistic clusters since 2010.

Project UrbanCore is a long-lasting project with time frame, which keeps providing temporary but experimental platforms for those talents in art, architecture and design fields in different city corners. More dialogues with local residents and various cultural events are expected in each UrbanCore venue. Instead of keeping space idle or simply replacing it by big buildings, the project would like to offer another option for city drawlers – a place as a cradle for creativities, possibilities and local communications.