Museum of Tomorrow

With the support of parent company's land resources, the Museum of Tomorrow project began in 2007 as an engagement with temporary unused land or idle buildings, at a time of transition from old to new. JUT Foundation sees this project as a platform to practice ideas for future city aesthetics, discussing the ideal balance between people and environment. Using the city as its stage, the project cooperates with experts from different fields – art, architecture and design –to deliver various observations and interpretations of the urban lifestyle, leading city dwellers to understand the context of the city then start to see different possibilities of the city life, furthermore, to develop a new lifestyle along with the uniqueness of our society.

Different from traditional museums, the Museum of Tomorrow utilizes a museum concept that is free, organic and mobile, reflecting the rapidly changing characteristics of the city. Without given any definition, the project performs different scales and themes in different space randomly. Because of its nomad mobility, the museum stimulates the interaction between people and environment, new and old, tradition and modern, private and public domain in every city corner. In addition, it shows various forms of architecture, art and culture by combining different carriers, such as virtual and tangible, organic and statics, vividly demonstrating the possible future of our daily life. With all the efforts, the project aims to create the purest spirit for this era – there is always a better tomorrow.