Project UrbanCore : Urban Core Arts Block


Nearby Ximending, the hippest but historical spot in Taipei City, Urban Core Arts Block consists of a dozen vacant buildings and houses of more than 30-year-old, provided by parent company JUT Group. This two-year project launched in 2010 and intended to use arts as a new element to bring vitalities to this old city neighborhood. Fifteen artistic and creative groups from different fields were invited to the site and encouraged to host street performance, art events and exhibitions to public, so to appeal more young people to visit this forgotten neighborhood. Not only establishing an interactive platform for artists, but also initiating conversation with the communities, the project presents a new model for urban regeneration and aesthetic cultivation in the society.

Duration: 2010.03 – 2012.03
Location: Between Zhonghau Rd. and Yanping South Rd. in Taipei City
Resident groups: UrbanCore Gallery, MOT/ARTS X Chi-mending, UrbanCore Café & Bookshelf, Taiwan Designers' Web, Urban Regeneration Studio, Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan, Open-Contemporary Art Center, CASAGRANDE LABORATORY (C-LAB), Taiwan Photography Museum, Luxury Logico, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Ruin Academy, Mobius Strip Theater, Riverbed Theatre, Dark Eyes Performance Lab



西城愛藝夏-2010 UrbanCore 開放日&夏日藝術派對