Museum of Tomorrow III : Rice for Thoughts


This exhibition is a combination of performance and large-scaled land art project that is rarely seen in Taiwan. The artist, Lin Chuan-Chu, planted a one-acre rice paddy field and built up a small farmhouse as his studio in the Dazhi area of Taipei, where locates lots of luxury residential houses. By playing the role of artist and farmer, Lin experiences the ancient Chinese farming lifestyle of farming in sunny days and reading in rainy days, addressing the intimacy between people and the nature. At the same time, visitors and neighbors are invited to cultivate the crops together or just simply to walk through the paddy to feel the vitality from the land and the beauty of laid-back lifestyle – the experience is hardly found in this modern and rapidly changing era.

About the artist

Lin Chuan-Chu, born in 1963 in Taipei, is a writer and ink painter. His works explore deep connection between human beings and the nature by adapting both traditional techniques of ink painting and western composition.

About the exhibition

Date: 2007.08.16 – 12.15
Place: Between Jingye 2nd Rd. and Lequn 3rd Rd. in Taipei city
Curator: Sean C.S. Hu


Rice for Thoughts