Project UrbanCore : Umkt

Constructed in 1935, the Japanese colonial era, Umkt was known as Xinfu Market and recognized as the first modern public market compiled with the new hygienic policy by then. The market reached its best times in 1950's with over 30 stalls selling food and groceries but gradually declined in 1970's since the legalization of street vendors next to it and the opening of the nearby Huannan Market. In 2006, the Taipei City's Department of Cultural Affairs designated it as a historic landmark. Then, after the Taipei City Market Administration Office completed the renovation in 2013, this forgotten market was implemented through public bidding for its rebirth. Finally, JUT Land Development obtained the 9-year management rights in 2014 and authorized JUT Foundation to execute the detailed plans, ready to inject new life into this old market.

Surrounded by traditional food bazaar in Wanhua district, Umkt includes one main U-shaped building with elliptical courtyard in the center and one Japanese-style wooden house aside. Instead of selling vegetables, the market transforms into not only a cultural base, but also an idea-exchanging platform for community and creative groups. To be served as a community center, therefore, Umkt host cooking academy and cultural school with various classes and workshops while setting up one herbal garden in the courtyard. One document room for Wanhua history collections and cultural relics display give visitors and locals better understanding of the market. Furthermore, co-working space, coffee shop and traditional tea experience house are properly arranged to appeal different groups – designers, young generations, and even tourists. These multiple plans are all directed to one mission of Umkt – regenerating the vitality and diversity in the city corner.

Duration : 2016-2024
Location : No.70,  Sanshui St., Wanhua District, Taipei City
Facebook:新富町文化市場 U-mkt