Museum of Tomorrow I : theFLOWmarket


As the first exhibition of Museum of Tomorrow, theFlowmarket was launched at a disused warehouse of Taiwan railways administration, which was located on the Civic Boulevard since 1950. The first Flowmarket started in 2004 in Denmark and is owned by Mads HagstrØm, a Danish designer. Taipei is one of the national-touring places. The idea of theFLOWmarket is to remind people what truly matters in their daily life and even to point out the concerns for our society.  The visitors could come and buy the idea they support or agree with, such as “identity”, “clean tap water”, and “peaceful mind”in a 24-hour store. The designer turns these intangible needs into empty product packages and wishes to encourage the visitors to think what would be a better balance between life and environment in this material-oriented world.

About the designer

Mads HagstrØm
Born in 1976, Denmark
Established the Flowmarket in 2004, selected as the TOP 100 business talent by Danish magazine, Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin, and rewarded ICCF design award in New York in 2007.

About the exhibition

Date : 2007/01/04 – 2007/02/28
Place : Between Civic Boulevard and Jianguo North Road, Taipei City