Museum of Tomorrow II : HAPPY LIVING


What is your ideal home? The exhibition invites international designers and illustrators to create several small houses, sharing their expectations and imaginations about home. Visitors could enter each house to feel the happiness the designers want to deliver.  The purpose is to lead a deeper discussion about the definition of home and happy living while the society is full of consumption, efficiency and desire.

About the artists

Akinori Oishi

Japanese illustrator. His work is full of childlike naïve and imagination and covers from drawings, animations, games and interactive installations. After winning the MILIA Award with his work“ MICRO-PLANTATION“, Akinoro Oishi starts to shine in Europe.


Ruled by 2 french graphic designers, Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz. They work in fashion, interior design, publishing and arts. Through each work, they attempt to develop its own vocabulary and to arouse echo from people's emotion.


A pixal art group founded in 1998 by 4 German designers,  Steffen Sauerteig, Kai Vermehr,  Svend Smital, and PeterStemmler. They design from graphics, fonts, games to websites.  One of their typical works is Ecity, which is a virtual city consisted of pixel characters and buildings, expressing their ironic attitude toward computer graphic technology.

Martí Guixé

Spanish Designer, starts his creative journey after his first food exhibition in Barcelona. He is also a commercial designer, an installation artist, and a writer of cooking. His work looks ridiculous but interesting, and also conveys how serious he is toward the society.

Filip Pagowski

Polish graphic artist. He is famous of his hand-painted works without any aids of photos or images. His work is full of humanity, surprise and somehow imperfection from the hand-made style. He also collaborates with famous Japanese fashion designer, Rei Kawakubo, creates a series of breathtaking fashion shows.

About the exhibition

Date : 2007/03/22 – 2005/05/17
Place : Between Civic Boulevard and Jianguo North Road, Taipei City