Museum of Tomorrow V : The Wind Brings Light


While the wind blows in, what could it bring up to life? This exhibition presents the Japanese artist Susumu Shingu's large-scaled public kinetic sculpture in the Dazhi area of Taipei. In this high land-priced district, the artist grew a patch of rice paddy and set three dynamic sculptures in the middle of the site, titled as "Constellation on Water", "Wing of Time", and "Snow Flower" separately. The artist uses natural forces to give life and energy to his works and translates the message from nature to movement. The rice grass and sculptures gently sway in the winds, not only creating an esthetic scene in the city but also presenting a utopian lifestyle with ideal balance between people and environment.

About the designer

Susumu Shingu, born in 1937, is a Japanese artist. He is known for conversing with nature through his sculptures, especially by dialoguing with winds and water to present those unique works of unpredictable and ever-changing movement.

About the exhibition

Date: 2010.07.31 – 11.14
Place: Between Jingye 2nd Rd. and Lequn 2nd Rd. in Taipei city
Curator: Sean C.S. Hu