Norihiko Dan – The diverse world with architectures

While globalization accelerates the similarity in most cities, a new form of worldview with multi-culture and diversity has gradually emerged. Just like under the complicated marine system, each area would create its own ecosystem based on its uniqueness and distinctiveness.  In this transformation era, therefore, what kind of role could architecture play? How does the city find its way move forward? By the architectural philosophy of Norihiko Dan, a Japanese architect, each culture is equally beautiful and embedded in the context in every single city. It is architecture’s responsibility – respect the culture difference and let it shine.

About the speaker

Norihiko Dan is a Japanese architect and urban designer. He advocates liberalism and used to harshly criticized conventional development method in Japan, paving the way to preserving the Kaisho Forest. His major works includes Sun Moon Lake Administration Office and Tourism Bureau, Regeneration of Taoyuan International Airport Terminal One in Taiwan.

Date : 2010.07.22
Place : Lecture Hall, CPC Building, Taipei City