City Experiment in Two Actions

2013.04.13 - 05.12

What happened if we insert small-scale and spontaneous architecture / installation into the aging Chung-Shan district? Curated by Rona Ching-Yueh, this exhibition sets in the open-air backyard and rooftop of URS21 Chung Shan Creative Hub, creating an interesting scene in the city corner. Two creative teams are invited to construct unique installations that respond to the feature of the neighborhood around the site. As the house becomes difficult to afford and the intimacy between people gets loose, two teams offer two different solutions to deal with the issue.

Hsiao Yu-Chi builds a portable small house made of local woods with 4.29 square meter interior space but providing sufficient functions – bedroom, kitchen, worktable and bathroom are all included.  He also puts the house next to the vegetable garden run by the community, recalling people's desire to simple life. On the other hand, Lu Li-Huang and his team, Interbreeding Field, make five installations in different sizes and spread them all over the yard, the rooftop and the wall of the building. Each installation is made of woods, steel plates and plastic buckets, which is light and easy to access, and with the smallest living space in it as well. Viewers are welcomed to sit, rest, and chat on each installation, and also enjoy seeing this neighborhood in different angle. The whole project is a city experiment, opening a new conversation to the city and the people.

About the architect

Hsiao Yu-Chi is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture at Shih Chien University in Taiwan. He is also engaged in his work named "Megaweaving", emphasizing on culture diversity, resource maximum, crossing projects and do-it-yourself urbanism.

Interbreeding Field is founded by Lu Li-Huang, who is currently an associate professor of Tainan National University of Arts in Taiwan, and is established under the graduate school of the university. The concept is to encourage students experiencing the real architecture by participating in the construction process, passing on the skills and knowledge from the practical operation.

Date : 2013.04.13 – 05.12
Place : URS21 Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taipei City
Curator : Roan Ching-Yueh


The building process
City Talks - Daytime
City Talks - Nighttime