The Vertical Village – Individual, Informal, Intense Taipei

Since 1901, the International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Germany has been offering a lot of inspirations and innovations to the urban development. Apart from the presentation of new form of architecture, it focuses more on social, economical and cultural issues nowadays. So far, eight lifeless cities in Germany had been regenerated successfully under IBA program and restarted the new page of city already. In 2013, the exhibition, The Vertical Village – Individual, Informal, Intense Taipei, is honored to be the first foreign exhibition to participate the IBA in Hamburg, presenting the vitality of Taipei city.

Besides the original content of The Vertical Village, this exhibition includes newly commissioned films, interviews, and installations, clearly illustrating the efforts on urban regeneration in Taipei under the Urban Regeneration Station (URS) program of Taipei City government. In addition, based on the research in Chung Shan district, a variety of creative teams and architects, including MVRDV, Hsieh Ying-Chun, Hsiao Yu-Chi, Interbreeding Field, presents different solutions to the rapid urban transformation. Through this exhibition, we hope to deliver a new form of urban development in East Asia and to convey the unique characteristics and energy of Taipei City.

Date : 2013. 08.02 – 09.29
Place : Hamburg Museum, Germany